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Automating repeated, high-volume processes transform them into a primary business driver, saving money and time, increasing effectiveness and creating new business opportunities.

These are the services we offer to unleash the digital potential of your business.


Scope and solution

Business Process Mapping

The business process map constitutes the backbone for laying out plans, prioritizing efforts, and for estimating both cost and potential dividends of the automation project.

The mapping process involves a drill-down into the activities tied to the company’s revenue stream. The goal is to discover the processes which already exist and are suitable for automation – but also to discern which automated processes, if any, may be implemented to increase efficiency and create new opportunities. At this stage the existing digital infrastructure is analyzed and mapped as well.

The outcome of the process is a decision foundation for planning, prioritizing and budgeting, including the necessary underlying documentation.


Design and implementation

Operations Infrastructure

With the mapping in place and the plans and priorities laid out, the next step is to implement the necessary changes to existing IT infrastructure.

Based on the findings and decisions from the mapping stage, implementation includes both hardware and software. It involves setting up the IT functions required by the plan, as well as making sure connections between them live up to specifications.

Setting up the infrastructure commonly involves acquiring new hardware and software, but it is not unusual that it also includes ridding the company of some irrelevant or outdated technology.


Onboarding and support

Process Automation

This is when the updated infrastructure is put to work, which means setting up and initializing the actual business processes prioritized in the plan.

Since the purpose of Von Hayden’s services is to empower you to automate your own processes, this involves working directly with in-house personnel. With our support, the relevant employees will be onboarded and instructed in the automation environment. We also work with IT operations and enable them to maintain the new infrastructure.

After onboarding your process automation will be ongoing, and will require minimal or no intervention from us.


Review and development

Continuous Optimization

Businesses constantly develop, and since this obviously means that processes change, automation systems need to keep up.

A yearly performance review is therefore a part of Von Hayden’s core services. The review process includes verifying the outcomes as laid out in the original plan, as well as an update of the company’s business process map. This constitutes a foundation for deciding which changes or upgrades, if any, are desired. 

The result is an updated and upgraded system, capable of producing even better results.

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Pricing Structure


While our services are available at a per-hour basis, we do not consider this approach an optimal way of creating value for our customers. It is unpredictable, and therefore inefficient in terms of both business planning and budgeting. What we offer is a year-over-year service package including our four main services, at a fixed monthly rate.

Quite simply, the initial mapping and infrastructure costs are quoted in advance based on project size, and are rolled into the ongoing payments of the yearly plan. They are only payable at once if carried out as stand-alone projects. 

Equally simply, each business process has a fixed unit price, which is multiplied by the number of data sources it involves and the number of user endpoints required.

Ongoing support at the IT operations and user level, as well as the yearly review, is always included in a yearly plan with monthly payments.

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