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In close cooperation with you VONHAYDEN ensures to visualize a clear and thorough overview of your current IT infrastructure, which will be the basis of an analysis outlining the possible direction of your future IT strategy. The analysis serves to show which choices you should make in order to optimize and support your business.


On the basis of the analysis the design phase opens up an array of possibilities as to how your new infrastructure can be developed. A common trait for the infrastructure VONHAYDEN delivers, is at that it is based on modules in the form of what we call service templates. A service template is a module, and the idea is that you can choose exactly the functionalities suiting the needs of your organisation. This ensures the highest degree of quality and efficiency for the invested capital.


VONHAYDEN develops IT infrastructure, but not just any run-of-the-mill solution. Instead of wasting months on inexpedient adjustments of standard systems, VONHAYDEN employs an agile approach by building infrastructure with service templates – basically modules that are pre-configured for integration. This means that whatever functionality has been chosen in the design phase, our modules merely need configuration rather than from-the-ground-up development. For you as a customer it means significantly faster delivery of your new infrastructure.


The VONHAYDEN modular infrastructure can be adjusted in many ways with regard to security concerns. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with the development and operations functions ensuring security does not become its own silo.

As security by definition is dynamic and ever-changing, our infrastructure is designed to accommodate this by being continally adjustable and updated to comply with the at any time prevailing standards.  


VONHAYDEN are specialists in the integration of systems. Our approach is twofold; when we design a solution we suggest modules that are pre-integratable by default. We thus ensure to purely employ tools that speak together. 
VONHAYDEN also keeps a broad network of developers specialising in the integration of systems thus ensuring that we can always tailor a solution to meet your specific need.


Operating an infrastructure is a process where efficienct is key. Utilising a VONHAYDEN infrastructure one will experience that by employing powerful tools such as SaltStack, we make the monitoring of units, identification of risks and the remediation thereof a job done literally in minutes – even for a large organisation comprising thousands of units.
We can also help with the automisation of processes through Camunda, drastically increasing efficiency and coherence in many day-to-day tasks.


When choosing VONHAYDEN Technology as your partner we guarantee a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure complying with the most modern of IT principles. We realise that an important consideration for any organisation is making the IT infrastructure agile so that it is future-proof in terms of scalability, functionality and security. We aim to deliver this flexibility to an extent where you can rest assured that you are set for the future!



VONHAYDEN delivers

  • On time
  • Scalable solution where security is key
  • Cost-efficient solution model
  • Consistent high level of quality

In cooperation with our partners

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